News and Announcements

LLD Linguists Secure NSF Funding To Document A Severely Endangered Language

Half of the world’s languages are on the verge of extinction and linguists are busy trying to document as many such languages as possible. LLD linguists are also doing their part, with the help of a three-year grant for $150,000 from the Documenting Endangered Languages Program at the National Science Foundation to document Domaaki, a severely endangered language of Pakistan spoken in the Hunza and Nager valleys of the Karakoram mountain range, which runs along the border of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China. Chris Donlay, a language documentation specialist, will provide intensive training in linguistic fieldwork to graduate students and faculty at the Institute of Languages of Azad Jammu and Kashmir University in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. Newly-trained fieldworkers will interview the few remaining speakers of Domaaki, record their conversations, stories and songs, transcribe and annotate the texts, and build a digital corpus of the language under the supervision of Chris Donlay (Co-PI) and Roula Svorou (PI). The annotated texts will be made available to the Domaaki community as a record of their cultural heritage. The corpus will provide data for linguistic analysis, which will be disseminated via conference presentations and journal articles. It will also be archived at the Kaipuleohone Digital Language Archives at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, in addition to SJSU and AJKU, for use by linguists in general.  

LLD Lecturer wins the 2017 H&A Outstanding Teaching Award

With an exemplary record of teaching undergraduates for 25 years, Ms. Kaye Sanders wins the 2017 H&A Outstanding Teaching Award for her "commitment to education, linguistics, and our students' academic preparation for many years at SJSU," having been chosen by a committee who "stood in awe at your engagement with your discipline and with our students," in Dean Vollendorf's words. Congratulations to Kaye!

LLD Student Wins Second Place in CSU Research Competition

MA Linguistics student Mary Ryan, with her research on "A Functional Explanation of Word-final [s] Lenition in Spanish: Comparing Corpus Data from Western Andalusian and Castilian" won second place among 12 finalists in the area of Humanities and Letters at the 31st Annual CSU Student Research Competition that took place in California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Opisbo. Congratulations to Mary and her mentor, Prof. Daniel Silverman!


A big THANK YOU to all the ESL programs that provided Practicum opportunities for our MA TESOL student teachers in Spring 2017! 

With your support, our students have gained invaluable classroom teaching experience!

We would like to thank the following programs for hosting practicum students during Spring 2017: