Lucas Graduate of Business faculty members have outstanding academic credentials obtained from top-tier national and international universities and in addition possess priceless business skills gained from experience in global business activities, research, and professional travel. Lucas Graduate School of Business faculty members not only convey information, they seek to empower each student to be able to use the information to become valuable contributors to the business world. While theory is an important part of every course, most professors employ a "learn by doing" philosophy.

Faculty members often invite Silicon Valley professionals to give guest lectures to their classes, adding to the richness and relevance of the MBA experience. The guest lecturers come from a wide range of backgrounds: top executives of multinational Silicon Valley firms, founders of successful start-ups, life-long entrepreneurs, angel and venture capital investors, and other professionals from every area of corporate life.

The College of Business has more than 90 full-time faculty members and takes advantage of its Silicon Valley location by hiring high-tech executives and entrepreneurs to teach within the program as well. Full-time faculty members are encouraged to establish industry connections to inform their teaching and research, most of which is applied. Faculty members are continually evaluated on their teaching performance and take pride in teaching well. They assign classroom projects that enable students to make Silicon Valley connections and work one-on-one with interested students on research and teaching projects. No courses are taught by teaching assistants.