Minor Degree Requirements

In order to fulfill the requirement for completing a minor, you will need to take 18 units. You can take up to three lower division courses, or all upper division courses to complete the minor. You also may count up to two approved courses from another institution.

Course substitutions must be presented in writing with supporting materials (i.e. syllabus and a transcript indicating the units and final grade) to be evaluated by the Minor Advisor.

Lower Division
10A: Mexican American History (Ancient Civilizations - 1860s)
10B: Mexican American History (1870s - today)
  25: The Changing Majority: Power and Ethnicity in America
  30: Race and Ethnicity in Public Space (formerly MAS/MUSE 11D and MAS/MUSE  96FY)
  40: Chicana/o Theater
  74: Public Address

Upper Division
105: Chicanos: US/Mexico Relations
115: Chicana/o Families
120: Political Economy and the Chicana/o Community
125: Chicana/o Community Studies
127: Chicana/os and the Criminal Justice System
130: Chicana/os in American Society
135: Contemporary Chicana/o Issues
144: Chicana/o Literature
150: Research Methods
160: Gender and Sexuality in Chicana/o Communities
170: Hollywood’s Image of Chicana/os
175: Human Migrations: Global Reach
180: Individual Studies
185: Teaching in a Diverse Society
196: Special Topics