The University Ombudsperson is an advocate for procedural fairness who supports the integrity of the campus policies and procedures and ensures the equity of their application.

The Ombudsperson provides a neutral, confidential, and informal place to discuss a concern with the assurance that no action will be taken, nor will the visit be disclosed to anyone, without consent.

The Ombudsperson

  • Provides impartial and confidential consultation to members of the campus community who are concerned about a situation or issue.
  • Assists in interpreting SJSU policies and procedures.
  • Provides assistance by clarifying issues and generating options for resolution.
  • Recommends actions to be taken to reduce reoccurence.
  • Conducts informal fact-finding in order to better understand an issue from all perspectives.
  • Makes referrals to existing SJSU problem resolution channels.
  • Works for fairness but does not set policy.

Grievance/Grade Dispute Process

Informal Resolution Process

  • Student must first attempt to resolve the matter with the other party. Student may consult with the Ombudsperson prior to this step.
  • Student should attempt to resolve the issue with the Chair or supervisor. Student may consult with the Ombudsperson prior to this step.

If this informal process fails to resolve the matter, the student may initiate a formal complaint.

Formal Resolution Process

  • Student meets with the Ombudsperson to discuss the formal complaint process.
  • Petition is submitted to the University Ombudsperson’s office no later than the end of the semester following that in which the alleged cause of the dispute occurred.
  • Petition is forwarded to the Student Fairness Committee (SFC) by the Ombudsperson.
  • A subcommittee of the SFC investigates the claim and submits its findings to the full SFC for consideration.
  • The SFC offers a recommendation/judgment in the matter.