As part of the University Police Department, we provide the following services to the campus community:

  • Courtesy Motorist Assistance
  • Park & Ride Courtesy Shuttle
  • Safety Escort to Your Car
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Special Event Parking
  • Student, Employee & Visitor Parking Permits





Upcoming Parking Impacts

Parking availability will be impacted during the following dates and times:

  • 7th Street Plaza (and passenger loading/unloading zones) will be removed as during the construction of the Student Recreation and Aquatic Center project.
  • Vehicles are encouraged to utilize the existing on-street white and yellow loading/unloading zones that are located on the campus side of perimeter streets:
    • Southbound 4th St
    • Southbound 10th St
    • Eastbound San Fernando St
    • Westbound San Salvador St between 9th & 10th Sts
  • When available loading/unloading zones are full, please park in the North, South, or West Garages to load/unload passengers.  Do not load/unload from any parking aisleway or double-park at any time.


2019 Winter/Spring Parking Permits

Campus Parking

Being in an urban environment, the amount of space dedicated to parking is limited. During peak periods, finding a parking space on the main campus can be difficult.                      

We encourage people coming to campus during peak times to consider using alternative transportation and/or the Park & Ride Lot across from Spartan Stadium. For more information, see Other Services.