Spartan Pride

Develop vibrant, safe and welcoming communities that create a sense of belonging and instill Spartan pride.

  • “Toward a More Welcoming Community”: The campus has been engaged in 22 action items around diversity and inclusive excellence known as “Toward a More Welcoming Community”.  These action items span the university, changing fundamental ways the university operates to make SJSU the type of place where all feel welcome to learn, teach, work and thrive. These include: the creation of an Office of Diversity and Inclusive Excellence that is led by a chief diversity officer, as well as changes to student orientation, faculty and staff recruitment, student housing, faculty development, student leadership development, diversity programming, and resource and reporting tools. 
  • Athletics: SJSU has increased marketing of Athletics events, including a free ticket program for students, faculty and staff members, in order to bolster engagement on campus and a stronger attachment to the university. 
  • Powering Silicon Valley: SJSU has begun to implement its first-ever brand platform. Leveraging a familiar, long-employed tagline, “powering Silicon Valley,“ the “power” brand gives it depth and substance as a core institutional promise. Focusing on the stories of people (SJSU Spartans)—and shared characteristics, like grit, resourcefulness and creativity—the brand expands and deepens the meaning of “power.” Beyond contributing to a regional workforce and economy, “power” is reflected in the individual and collective resilience and strength—and Spartan pride—of the university’s students, faculty, staff and alumni.
  • Spartans Stepping Beyond: SJSU is creating a strong sense of community through the Spartans Stepping Beyond program, which recognizes and rewards members of the faculty and staff for going beyond what is expected.
  • Spartan 101: Human Resources has created Spartan 101, an orientation program for new employees that welcomes them and provides them with information to engage and connect with the Spartan community.