Provost Budget Central

Andy Feinstein

Budget Update

I am pleased to provide a budget update that is full of good news at the start of the school year. While we still have challenges, our financial position has greatly improved.
The division fared well in the 2014-15 budget. Including both Operating Funds and Student Success, Excellence & Technology Fees (SSETF), San Jose State had $18.4 million available to distribute. Academic Affairs received $16.4 million or 89%. Most of the new resources -- $14.3 million -- were designated for the colleges, representing a major investment in instruction by the University.

Some of the new resources will be used to hire tenure-track faculty. I am pleased to report I have approved 64 faculty searches that will be carried out this year. This is the largest recruitment effort at SJSU in many years, and it will advance our efforts to improve tenured/tenure-track density.
The new resources will also support reductions in bottleneck courses, and expand the division's efforts in promoting student success and graduation rates. One major initiative in this area is to implement degree audit functionality that exists in our student information system. This inter-divisional effort involves Student Affairs, Administration & Finance (IT Services) and Academic Affairs. The first phase of the project will focus on transfer students, providing them with a preliminary degree audit/path to graduation before they enroll.

Diversity initiatives remain important and I have identified nearly $100,000 to enhance faculty recruitment results. These funds will support several goals identified in the SJSU Diversity Master Plan around achieving greater faculty diversity. Our divisional requests to support the African American and Chicano-Latino Student Success task forces ($254,000) and to enhance underrepresented minority retention efforts ($268,000) were also successful, and I look forward to advancing those efforts this year.