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The San José State University Research Foundation partners with SJSU faculty and PIs to accomplish their research goals. The Research Foundation team supports faculty through each step in the research proposal process: planning a project, identifying sources of funding, developing a grant proposal, submitting proposals to sponsoring agencies, and managing business details once the project is funded. Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs to get your project started.

Presently the Research Foundation manages more than $250M in an active research grants portfolio that generates nearly $60M in research-related expenditures annually. The Research Foundation also provides direct and/or indirect employment support to more than 1,500 individuals, including faculty, students, research affiliates, and staff.

Student and faculty engagement in research, scholarship and creative activity is central to the mission of San José State University. Opportunities abound to pursue an exciting array of basic and applied research, investigate space and planets, explore literature and the arts, examine health and social services issues, and create partnerships with Silicon Valley's most progressive technology companies.