Student Information

Advising Information

New Majors or Transfer Students

  1. Declare RTVF as your major as soon as possible. Fill out the Change of Major form. (link)
  2. Fill out the New RTVF Major form; you can save it on your computer and make changes to it. Be sure applicable courses are transferred in to SJSU. Then check with your RTVF faculty advisor for possible substitutions. Most lower division courses can be substituted, or you can opt to test out of these courses. Upper division courses cannot be substituted with courses outside of SJSU.
  3. Sign in to and print a copy of your unofficial transcripts (a list of every course you have taken at SJSU). Highlight all RTVF, Theatre Arts (TA), or any other associated media courses for your advisor to review. Include all information on any courses taken from an institution other than SJSU. In order for you to be able to use these “outside” units as substitutions, they must have been accepted into your record by SJSU. Please provide the course name, number, grade earned, and in which semester the class was taken.
  4. When your advising paperwork is in order, contact your advisor to make an appointment.

RTVF advisors are assigned to students by the first letter of their last names.

A—C assigned to: Kimb Massey
D—G assigned to: Babak Sarrafan
H—M assigned to: Harry Mathias
N—R assigned to: Alison McKee
S—Z assigned to: Scott Sublett