Spartan Connect

Spartan Connect (an upgrade of GradesFirst formerly used at SJSU) allows faculty, academic advisors, and support services staff to utilize data and technology to:

  • More easily connect students to advising, tutoring, workshops, and other support services
  • See a comprehensive academic profile of a student to provide the right academic advising and connect the student to appropriate resources
  • Connect to the different staff and centers already supporting a student to ensure accurate and complete communications
  • Coming in Spring 2019, SJSU’s own data will be used to identify success factors for students in their declared major based on comparing their academic performance with 10 years of student data in that major. This information will all faculty and staff to more accurately identify the support students need.


You can access Spartan Connect on the Spartan Apps Portal Page ( log-in page) or go to


Need Access?

SJSU faculty and staff can request an account by filling out this Google form.


Training Resources

  • User Guide (To access EAB's resources, you need to create an account on EAB's site using your SJSU email address. This is free and will also give you access to a broad range of resources on student success.)


How Can You Use Spartan Connect?

  • Connect students to advising, tutoring, workshops, or other services
      • Students will have a clear and easy way to find advising and other services and book appointments. They can get reminders about their appointments on their phone.
      • Advisors, support services staff, peer educators can sync Spartan Connect with their Google calendar.
      • Centers can run reporting on utilization of services.
  • Comprehensive academic profile (student records) to connect students to targeted student support.
      • Spartan Connect has a broad range of current student academic data imported from Peoplesoft.  The data is arranged in one simple location so the advisors, faculty, and staff can easily see a comprehensive picture of the student’s academic performance.
      • With this academic data, SJSU faculty, advisors, and staff can do advanced searches of students to identify students in need of particular services.
  • Advising and tutoring notes that allow for support services to connect different support together.
      • Faculty and staff can make notes on advising or tutoring sessions and read the notes made by other advisors. This allows for a more comprehensive level of support.
  • Track engagement so support staff can understand what resources students are using and connect students to appropriate support.
      • Spartan Connect has a check-in (card swipe) function to track attendance at events and workshops.
      • Advisors can view this engagement data and direct students towards appropriate follow up support or connect students not engaged on campus to places where they can form connections.
      • At the university level, we will be able to download this engagement data and correlate it with student success overall.
  • Mid-semester grade checks to connect students to support in a timely manner.
      • Spartan Connect sends out a campaign to faculty in the middle of the semester to check on the performance of selected students. Faculty can also report on students they are concerned about who are not in that group.
      • Through Spartan Connect, advisors and support staff will receive alerts on students faculty are concerned about.
      • Click here for a FAQ on the Progress Report program
  • Coming in Spring 2019: Predictive analytics will help connect students in need to support.
    • Ten years of SJSU’s historical academic data (performance in classes) are being analyzed by EAB to correlate academic performance with retention and graduation rates in the major.
    • In Fall 2018, this data will be available for review by departments.
    • In Spring 2019, the data will be utilized in a success factor metric advisors will see. That is, advisors will be able to see if the predictive analytics suggest reason for concern for a student for graduating in their declared major.
    • The predictive analytics will be useful for focusing advising on students in need and also for departments to examine hurdles, key classes, additional support needed, equity gaps, etc that the data bring to light.


What is EAB and Why is it Useful to Me?

Spartan Connect is SJSU’s name for EAB Student Success Collaborative Campus. This tool is produced by EAB (Educational Advisory Board). The company purchased GradesFirst so this tool encompasses all the functions of GradesFirst (which was formerly used at SJSU).


SJSU has a university membership to EAB. All SJSU faculty and staff have free access to a broad array of higher education and student success research available on their website including white papers, tool kits, and webinars. For free access, you must create an account using your SJSU email address.