The School of Global Innovation and Leadership offers students the opportunity to study entrepreneurship and innovation with a global perspective through three concentrations: Global Operations ManagementEntrepreneurship and International Business.  Global Operations Management concentration prepares graduates with state-of-the-art knowledge of managing operations in a global context. The Entrepreneurship concentration prepares students who possess a drive for innovation and the passion to create a new business, to be entrepreneurs or corporate innovators. The International Business concentration prepares students for professional and administrative positions with organizations engaged in conducting, regulating or monitoring global business operations across national borders.

The School’s Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship fosters an entrepreneurial mind set for students, and creates connections between students, faculty, entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders. The School of Global Innovation and Leadership is also home to the Global Leadership Advancement Center, with the exclusive opportunity to participate in the Global Leadership Passport Program as well as other programs and initiatives.  The Silicon Valley Center for Operations and Technology Management offers training, awards, scholarships, research seminars and projects to students.