News and Highlights

Faculty Achievements

  • Anu Basu is a recipient of the SJSU RSCA award. She presented a keynote address  at the Eleventh AIMS International Conference on Management held in India.  
  • Tanvi Kothari is the recipient of the Junior Faculty RSCA Grant. She is also a Salzburg Fellow and has been invited to join the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Asia Business Studies.
  • Arvinder Loomba completed a sabbatical fellowship in Clinical Research Management at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD. During his NIH fellowship, he focused on advances in managing clinical research for sustainable healthcare in developing economies, with emphasis on southeast Asia. 
  • Joyce Osland and co-authors won the Outstanding Author Contribution Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013, for “The Context of Expert Global Leadership” in Advances in Global Leadership
  • Joyce Osland and co-authors won the University of San Diego’s 2013 Leadership Book Award for Scholarship for Global Leadership: Research, Practices and Development 
  • Mark Fruin, Chunlei Wang and Simon Rodan co-authored the article, "Knowledge Networks, Collaboration Networks, and Exploratory Innovation" which was published in Academy of Management Journal.
  • Asbjorn Osland, Joyce Osland and co-authors wrote:  Exceptional Global Leadership as Cognitive Expertise In the Domain of Global Change which was published in the European Journal of International Management
  • Gretchen R. Vogelgesang, Joyce Osland and co-authors wrote The Relationship Between Positive Psychological Capital and Global Mindset in the Context of Global Leadership. Journal of Leadership Studies 21(2), 165 – 178.
  •  Gretchen R. Vogelgesang &  co-author wrote Defining the “mindset” in global mindset: Modeling the dualities of global leadership. In J. S. Osland, M. Li, & Y. Wang (Eds.), Advances in Global Leadership (vol. 8, pp. 189-212). Bingley, UK: Emerald.