Health Insurance

Health insurance is not required for a visit at the Student Health Center (SHC). However, since there is no overnight, weekend, or long-term medical care provided by the SHC, health insurance may be needed to reimburse a portion of the costs of outside hospitalization, special tests, and specialty care that are not available at the SHC.


New Health Insurance Law: 

Confused about all the new rules for health insurance?


  • Your Student Health Center fee does not count as insurance
  • Beginning 2014 most Americans must have insurance
  • Quality health insurance is now available for students and their families*
  • Many students (and families) will qualify for free or low cost options


For more information or to get started, go to: or call 800-300-1506 


* The Affordable Care Act allows most young adults to stay on their parent's family plan until they turn 26 (whether you're married, in school, or financially independent). This may be an existing plan, or a new plan the family signs up for through the Affordable Care Act. To learn more, go to: or call 800-300-1506



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