Health & Safety

nurse with patient

Student Health Center

A healthy mind, body, and spirit are vitally important to your learning process. Whether you're experiencing a simple cold or would like tips on nutrition, the health center is ready to help and is conveniently located on campus in the Health Building near the Event Center. The center also provides wellness information for the SJSU community.

University Police Department

Campus police work 24-7 to provide the SJSU community with a safe and secure learning environment through professional, progressive and superior police, emergency, transportation and educational services. You can also find crime statistics, important safety information and SJSU policies in the Annual Safety Report.


Our campus emergency communication system that provides information about what to do and where to go during during a natural disaster or life-threatening emergency. Register now to receive these important text, email, phone and TTY/TDD messages.

Counseling Center

Personal and educational counselors are here to improve your emotional and interpersonal well being and mental health, and to enhance your learning.  We offer individual counseling, training, workshops and support to help students develop essential life skills.

Accessible Education Center

The Accessible Education Center (AEC) provides both students and employees with accommodations and services. The center works closely with almost every department and program on campus to ensure access and empower students and staff with disabilities.

Employees with disabilities interested in appropriate accommodations should visit the Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC) housed within the AEC.

Discrimination and Harassment Complaints

Find support and resolution resources if you believe you have experienced harassment or discrimination. SJSU is committed to creating an atmosphere where everyone can work and study free of discrimination and harrassment, so please do not hesitate to use these resources.

California Assembly Bill 1088

Assembly Bill 1088 (pdf), requires that CSU campuses provide information to all new students on Sexual Assault and Intimate Violence. Students and administrators collaborate to provide information for prevention and education.

Intimate Violence & Sexual Assault Brochure (pdf)