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THANK YOU to all participants for entering the 14th annual Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge and helping SJSU grow the entrepreneurial infrastructure for Silicon Valley. Continue to follow us on Facebook and Twitter throughout the year to remain abreast of innovation and entrepreneurial developments until next year’s Challenge. And now, please join us in congratulating the winners of the 14th annual Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge!


1st Place: Gratis Food
Description: A fast, inter-linked network between food vendors who wish to give away excess food and hungry students looking for free food.
Team Members:
Raghav Gupta, Computer Science BS
Bala Nyan Kyaw, Software Engineering BS
Ian Lam, Business Administration BS, Concentration in Management Information Systems
Ijaaz Omer, Computer Engineering
Nhat Trinh, General Engineering BS

2nd Place: Park Stash
Description: A service that connects private parking spot owners (driveways, car parks, garages, universities) with drivers looking for a parking spot.
Team Members:
Rami Abousleiman, Non-SJSU Participant
Priya Dixit, Non-SJSU Participant
Murray Nguyen, Chemistry BS
Sameer Saran, Computer Engineering MS

3rd Place: NewsBee
Description: Localized map-based application for news stories.
Team Members:
Andrew Demarest, Aerospace Engineering BS
Matthew Quevedo, Political Science BA


1st Place: Upright Assist
Description: Provides the ability for paraplegics, wheelchair bound, and elderly to independently stand or sit.
Team Members:
Debra Caires, Faculty, College of Science
Fan Han, Computer Science BS


1st Place: Progress
Description: A mobile application designed to increase childhood intelligence.
Individual Entry:
Neha Maynil, Engineering Management MS


1st Place: SoluDx
Description: Innovative water chemical contaminant diagnostic kit.

Team Members:
Amanda Brantner, Masters of Biotechnology
Safwanul Haque, Masters of Biotechnology
Vinayak Kambhampati, Masters of Biotechnology
Kajal Moraji, Masters of Biotechnology


1st Place: Ambii
Description: Real-time virtual jukebox.
Team Members:
Akshat Giri, Computer Science  BS
Sudarshan Garma Jayaram, Engineering MS, Concentraion in Engineering Management
Alexandar Luong, Business Administration BS, Concentration in Entrepreneurship
Jacob Motta, Computer Science  BS
Nishtha Patel, Computer Engineering  BS
Shariq Shah, Computer Science  BS
Bruce Tan, Design Studies BS
Mojmir Vystavil, Software Science  BS
Austin Zurbuchen, Computer Science  BS


1st Place: Travel Box
Description: Mobile app connecting travelers with locals who craft tailored itineraries.
Team Members:
Casara Butler, Business Administration BS, Concentration in International Business
Maria Cortes Ramirez, Business Administration BS, Concentration in General Business
Jasveen Kaur, Business Administration BS, Concentration in Business Analytics
Victoria Kroll, Business Administration BS, Concentration in Entrepreneurship
Fabian Muller, Business Administration BS, Concentration in Management Information Systems

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