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The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge (SVIC) is an annual forum designed to promote creativity and entrepreneurship by generating and showcasing innovative business Ideas. The event welcomes students, alumni, faculty and staff from all departments and majors across San Jose State University (SJSU) and from our partner universities and colleges.The SVIC mission is to cultivate entrepreneurs and help their innovative business ideas prosper into a reality.

Innovation represents the promise of possibilities. Creativity, fresh points of view, and openness to change are the essence of innovation. Entrepreneurship is a part of innovation that extends the innovation toward establishment of an enterprise or other sustainable use.The SVIC encourages the generation of innovative, ground-breaking or novel ideas, products, services and technologies that could potentially become the seed of a new venture. All ideas remain the intellectual property of the participant.  

The SVIC competition has two parts. First is the virtual portion where students submit their innovative ideas to the SVIC online community and receive feedback from judges, professors, peers and industry professionals. The participants have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with all the members of the online SVIC community.Judges then evaluate all of the ideas, narrowing the final showcase to a set of finalists. These finalists are then invited to display their innovative ideas at the SVIC Final Showcase poster session at SJSU.


“The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge was an incredible experience for Garden to Table. In addition to winning 2nd place for social innovation, we received a lot of interest and valuable feedback that helped us refine the concept and spurred us onwards. As a result, Garden to Table recently became a non-profit with a land use agreement in place to build the farm and launch our idea into reality!”

Zach Lewis
Executive Director, Garden To Table

"The Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge was one of the best experiences I've had as well as one of my top highlights in my college career! The fact that students have an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas to the University, public, and high-profile individuals makes you believe that there's really an opportunity to take your idea to the next level to show society! It only takes one great idea to make a difference."

Mo Ibrahim
Solutions Consultant, Zoura

“The event had some really impressive participants and everyone worked really hard - from the students to the judges to the professors and assistants! I was grateful for everyone’s efforts. We all leveraged our best output, ideas and efforts into our entries. We were delighted to see the kind of work being done and caliber of people working alongside of us here at San Jose State University. With the integration of the event with local business, academia and government, I feel we can develop the SVIC into a significant brand for SJSU especially in conjunction with other College of Business innovation initiatives and partnerships that are being developed.”

Christian Jorgensen
Student, San Jose State University