MA - Theatre

The 30-Unit Masters of Arts Program

The 30-unit MA program prepares students from a wide variety of backgrounds for careers as teachers, administrators, managers, scholars, and creative figures within a variety of performing and media contexts. A major objective of the program is to prepare students for competitive entry into doctoral programs, though we recognize that many of our students will not take this path but rather apply their advanced research skills in other areas.

Students in the MA program learn research methods appropriate for constructing new ideas in the performing arts. They learn historical, cognitive, aesthetic, and cultural realities governing the evolution of theatre, film, radio, television and other media; they learn to evaluate from a critical perspective; they learn to develop persuasive arguments and to sustain the attention of a highly erudite, critical audience by their skill in constructing a masters thesis which makes a serious, original contribution to knowledge about the performing arts. Students acquire skills in teaching, scholarly writing, information gathering, data and text interpretation, performance in different media, research and performance technologies.

Graduate study means making discoveries and changing the way people think about how performance media represent the world; it means gaining the confidence to speak, write, read, demonstrate, and communicate with authority (or "mastery") about the power of a particular connection you have toward performance media.

If you attend full-time (9 units), it will probably take you four semesters or two years to complete the program. It is also possible to attend the program on a part-time basis.

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