After the Degree

After the M.A. Degree

Our graduate students have found such responsibilities in the film industry, television production, computer software design, political activism, computer graphics, health services, journalism, religious institutions, theatrical equipment services, and theatre production. Some students have formed their own production companies and even schools which are active in diverse sections of the Bay Area. One of our American graduates has formed a theatre company which is performing quite successfully throughout Southeast Asia; her thesis explored intercultural and intermedia relations between Japanese classical drama and postmodern or cinematic adaptations of the classical style. In recent years, graduates from our program have gone on to complete doctoral programs at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, City University of New York, Temple University, University of Minnesota, and University of Oregon. Our graduates hold (or have held) teaching positions at University of Pittsburgh, Santa Clara University, University of Georgia, Bangkok University, Smith College, Arizona State University, University of Washington, Stanford University, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley. Two of our graduates have published their Master's Theses as books, while many others have presented their research at conferences in such places as North Carolina, Tokyo, Salt Lake City, Oxford, Mississippi, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Boston, Honolulu, Washington D.C., and Jakarta, Indonesia. Several papers produced by our graduate students have been published in international scholarly journals, our program has produced Outstanding Thesis Award winners in College and University competitions. Students in our graduate program have contributed strongly to innovative and successful productions both on campus and off.

The university world tends to regard the MA as an initial, preparatory step toward the doctoral degree. While competition for entry into doctoral programs is quite intense, no other Theatre Arts graduate program within the CSU system, according to our data, has been as successful as ours in placing students in doctoral programs.