Beverly Swanson

Office: HGH 234
Phone: 408-924-4570

As an instructor in the performance area, Beverly offers her students not only the benefit of her academic training, but her many years experience as an actress, director, producer, playwright and radio personality. In addition to her Storytelling, Oral Interpretation and Acting classes, Mrs. Swanson co-created and heads-up the department's very popular and innovative Summer Voice Academy. She also created and teaches the very successful RTVF Broadcast Performance class offered each Fall. She is Coordinator of our annual Kaucher/Mitchell Event, which honors the arts of oral interpretation and storytelling. Her "signature" on this event has thrown the spotlight back on a time-honored tradition. She has also studied acting at HB studio in NYC, and has done several audio books, as well as hosting her own political-talk radio show.  She is also a playwright, poet and lyricist and has been published by McGraw-Hill and The Wall Street Journal.  Her country songs produced by Paramount of Nashville can be heard on ten thousand juke boxes across the country.