Title IV-E Child Welfare Program


Full-time (2-Year) Program

Qualified MSW students admitted to the Title IV-E Program in the Full-Time (2-year) program, will be awarded a stipend in the amount of $37,000 ($18,500 for each of two years). Students must meet certain eligibility criteria and must go through an application and awards selection process, in addition to the University's and the School's applications. Upon graduation, recipients of the stipend must agree to work full time in a county public child welfare services for a period of time equal to the period for which they support (2-years).


3-Year Program

The 3-Year Child Welfare Training Program is offered exclusively to qualified MSW students currently employed full-time in county public social services agencies or the California Department of Social Service, Children Services. Students must be enrolled in the 3-Year MSW program. The 3-Year program provides educational support to students for the actual cost of tuition & fees, books and travel for all three years in the MSW program. Recipients of the educational support must agree to return to their county of employment and render two full years of continuous employment, at a level appropriate to a new MSW, or in any public CWS or CDSS agency in California, upon graduation from the MSW program.


For specific questions regarding the Full-Time or 3-Year program, please contact:

Pnina Green, Title IV-E Project Coordinator, at:

(408) 924-5833 or by email paulette.green@sjsu.edu


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Title IV-E MSW Program