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GI BILL® Students FAQ's: updated as of 4/2/20 

Q. VA education students – Monthly Housing Payments: What happens when a modality changes after the first day of the term due to COVID-19 (excluding Remedial/Deficiency courses)?
A. Students who began a term already in a resident modality and then due to COVID-19 move to an approved online learning modality (same certified term), the SCO is not required to take any action.  Post 9/11 GI Bill MHA will not change for this term.

Q. What about Summer (not already submitted to VA):

A: IHL educational institutions which convert modalities as described above may submit certification of resident courses converted to online modality as resident courses if the start date of the term is prior to 21 December 2020 and the course was already approved in the catalog as being residential (or mixed-mode instruction) but due to COVID-19 converted to distance learning.  

Q. Will students receiving veterans benefits be able to change to CR/NC for the Spring 2020 term and still have their classes paid for if they receive a NC?

A. Although VA does not typically make payments for classes resulting in nonpunitive grades, if COVID 19 is reported as mitigating circumstances for the student’s receipt of a nonpunitive grade (i.e., NC) VA will pay for the classNOTE: The VA has not changed it's policy necessarily regarding non-punitive grade rules, but has allowed this exception as long as its noted in the student certification that NC was due to COVID-19. 


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GI BILL - FALL 2020 RETURNING STUDENTS (have been on benefits in prior terms at SJSU) :

GI BILL - FALL 2020 NEW INCOMING STUDENTS (or just now activating benefits for first time but a returning student):

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Dr. Lira teaches public administration and political science in the College of Social Science.  He is a retired Veteran, with 28 years military service. As Faculty Fellow, Dr. Lira serves as a bridge to Academic Affairs in support of student veteran success. He provides academic advising and mentoring, can connect students with faculty mentors in their academic fields, and can provide advise on decision to apply and attend graduate school or other post-college transitions.  In addition, Dr. Lira supports the VRC mission and goals by coordinating, developing, and implementing programs and initiatives that are evidence based and integrate his research on veterans studies and policy.


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    In Honor of Jennifer Gonzales

Jenn-VITAL team


It is with a really heavy heart and many other emotions that I share this particular news about the Yountville tragedy that happened Friday, March 9 2018.  What you may not know is that there is a direct connection to SJSU.  Dr. Jennifer Gonzales, a VA Clinical Psychologist, worked at SJSU through the VA until the summer of 2016 when she left to start her new job at the Yountville Veterans Home.  She worked on campus through the VA grant, called VITAL (Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership), and was here to support and guide our student veterans through their transitions on campus.  She, along with Damian Bramlett, were an integral partnership in the launching of our Veterans Resource Center and provided direct VA services in order to truly be a "one-stop" shop for our transitioning men and women.  Jennifer provided a great deal of education to our campus and outreach to our neighboring Community Colleges as well.   Although she's been off campus now for a year and a half, she is respected and remembered by so many for her gracious spirit and contributions she made to the many lives she touched and helped. -Maggie Morales (March, 2018)



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