Executive Summaries of the Six Teams' Presentations

Triple Bottom Line Evaluation of Barren Land

We studied the feasibility of using barren land for carbon emission mitigation or sequestration using the triple bottom line method.

Through you, Through food

Our campaign to reduce the food-related carbon emissions at SJSU included an analysis of the carbon footprint of a typical student and a social marketing campaign.

Reduce GHG Emissions: Promote Alternative Transportation through Better Parking and Safety for Cyclists and Motorcyclists.

We propose to reduce green house gas emissions by increasing alternative transportation by improving bicycle, motorcycle and motor scooter parking and safety at SJSU.

Green Traveler Guidebook: Making Tourism a Sustainable Activity

Our Green Traveler Guidebook will be a quick snapshot that will educate tourists about responsible travel and show them how extraordinary sustainable tourism can be.

Grow Up, Grow Smart: Sustainable Development Using Vertical Farms

Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate the utility of vertical farms and develop their usage in San Jose and beyond. This urban farming technique offers many benefits.

Changing Campus Culture: A Greenprint for SJSU

Our team believes that the students at SJSU can and must be a significant part of the University's efforts to increase sustainability. This vision requires a change from the current student culture to a culture of environmental awareness and sustainable lifestyles. Our team project consists of identifying how such a cultural change can be put into effect on the SJSU campus.