Economic and Social Impact Report

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Our Impact, Amplified

SJSU makes invaluable economic, fiscal and social contributions to the City of San José, the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area and beyond.

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Key Findings

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Every $1 Generates $24

Every $1 in State funding helps SJSU generate roughly $24.0 in economic output and $9.2 in labor income throughout California.

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25,460+ Jobs

SJSU-related spending supports over 25,460 jobs, generates roughly $1.6 billion in labor income, and produces over $4.1 billion in total economic output.

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Diversifying the Workplace

SJSU students — over 83% people of color and 42% first-generation college students — go on to work for the world’s biggest companies (including Apple, Facebook, and Google).

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Economic and Social Impact Report

Discover how SJSU delivers tremendous, broad-ranging value to our local region and throughout California (2018-2019 fiscal year).

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Exploring SJSU’s Economic and Social Impact

Economic Impact

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Labor, Tax Revenue and Earnings

SJSU-related spending contributes roughly $4.1 billion to California’s economy and includes construction, capital improvements, salaries and other operating costs — and student, visitor and alumni spending.

$1.6 Billion in Labor Income

SJSU generates $1.6 billion in labor income in California, almost half in Santa Clara County alone.

$606.9 Million in Tax Revenue

SJSU-related spending creates a great deal of tax revenue that benefits local, state and federal governments — $606.9 million was generated in 2018-19.

$2.5 Billion More

Attending SJSU increases an individual’s future earnings; SJSU alumni earn $2.5 billion more than individuals holding an associate degree or higher in California.

Social Impact

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Investment in Research

SJSU is among the top 200 universities in the country in terms of research spending, which totaled $58.4 million in 2018-19.

Leading Wildfire Research

SJSU’s Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center (WIRC) is the nation’s largest wildfire research center and the leading institution for wildfire research and management in California.

50% Less Debt

On average, SJSU undergraduates graduate with only $15,720 in student debt, which is less than half the average debt of California college graduates.

Impacting the Community

SJSU students and faculty join local residents to impact underserved communities through CommUniverCity, a unique outreach program with a value of service of $8.4 million since 2005.

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SJSU—Transformation Defined

SJSU students graduate with less debt and are making more money than the average California college graduate. Now that’s transformative. Explore alumni stories and inspirational testimonials and see how we live up to our “most transformative” ranking by Money Magazine.