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Our Mission

The Academic Counseling Center for Excellence in the Social Sciences (ACCESS) is a hub that provides Academic Advising, Academic Planning, Graduation Planning for all College of Social Sciences Students as well as provide tutoring in key social science areas such as Economics and Statistics.

ACCESS Center Advisors are committed to student success and promoting development and growth of all students through effective advising, engagement, and exchange of knowledge.

Advising Outcomes

Through academic advising at the ACCESS Center students will,

  • Understand university policies and procedures.
  • Determine and utilize the necessary resources and services to support their goals.
  • Understand General Education Requirements.
  • Exhibit an understanding of their degree requirements.
  • Assist in selecting courses to progress toward completing their educational plan.
  • Demonstrate the ability to make effective decisions, enhance problem-solving skills, and communicate effectively.
  • Understand the importance of including experiences outside of the classroom in their educational plan.
  • Understand the difference between ACCESS Advisors & Faculty Advisors and when to engage with each.
  • Graduate in a timely manner.

 Stop by ACCESS for:

  • General Education Advising
  • Academic Planning
  • General Information On Our Majors
  • Tutoring
  • Graduation Planning
  • A quiet place to study (and/or do group projects)
  • A chance to meet fellow social sciences majors and peer advisors
  • Help with changing majors
  • Workshops and presentations (writing, statistics, graduate school application, etc.)