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African American Studies


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Ruth Wilson, 408‑924‑5861

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Lyka Bonifacio, 408‑924‑5872

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  • Contact the department for advising hours.

Impaction Criteria

  • See the Department Advisor for requirements to declare the African-American Studies Major.

Degree Requirements

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African-American Studies Minor

About the Department

The Department of African-American Studies is an indispensable part of the mission of the metropolitan university. We provide the most comprehensive liberal arts education by training our students to appreciate diversity and greater toleration for the multicultural dimension of American society through our unique interdisciplinary curricula that focus on the following areas: crime/justice, politics, urbanization, religion, history, sociology/welfare, psychology, African history/politics, gender equality, aesthetics and general education courses. We also contribute to the scholarship in our field and are inextricably related intellectually and professionally to the local and national African-American communities through our membership and support of professional associations such as the National Council of Black Studies.