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Communication Studies


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The Communication Studies Department focuses on four curricular themes: democracy, diversity, technology, and globalization. Course offerings center on the nature of human communication; the role it plays in the creation, maintenance and advancement of a culturally diverse democratic society; and the ways in which technology facilitates or hinders communication among diverse populations in a democratic society and in a globalizing world. Faculty and students study and learn about communication as experienced in face-to-face spoken interactions, mediated messages, public rhetoric, the written word, signs and symbols, dialogues and relationships, and embodied speech.

The department offers the BA - Communication Studies. In fulfilling this major, our student-scholars come to understand the nature and use of language, symbolic processes, meaning and communication. They learn about these topics in interpersonal, group, public, organizational, multicultural, national, international and mediated contexts. Internships and service learning provide opportunities to apply both theoretical and practical knowledge.

The undergraduate major or minor integrates a broad cultural education in the liberal arts with communication skills and knowledge essential for any career. Students completing the BA - Communication Studies continue on to graduate study. Our majors and minors commonly enter career paths in education, sales, marketing and public relations, human resource development, law, politics, or community service agencies.

Communication Studies course work contributes to effective personal growth, citizenship and social relationships in multicultural organizations and communities, both locally and globally. Our courses are among those that satisfy the General Education requirements in oral communication; critical thinking; human behavior; self, society and equality in the U.S.; and written communications; as well as SJSU Studies Areas R, S, V and Z through COMM 168 – Global Climate Change.