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Interdisciplinary Social Science


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Social Science Minor

About the Department

The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department offers majors and minors which draw on social scientific methods of inquiry, connected by interdisciplinary courses that investigate subjects from a multiplicity of perspectives, rather than focusing on a single discipline. The department includes the Asian American Studies Program, the Social Science Program and the Women's Studies Program.

The undergraduate major draws on the strengths of the three programs and offers a broad, liberal arts education with a focus in the social sciences. Two options within the BA - Social Science prepare future teachers for entrance into elementary (multiple subjects) or secondary (single subject) teaching credential programs in the College of Education by satisfying the requirements of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

A third option, the topical social sciences major, enables students to specialize in interdisciplinary investigation of particular topics. Students take courses from across the College of Social Sciences. Approved topics include: Asian American Studies, Comparative Studies in Race/Ethnicity, Class and Gender, Public Service and Social Change, and Women's Studies. Special topics may also be arranged. Interested students should consult with the department for handouts specifying required and recommended courses. Students should consult the department for new topical areas under development.