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Academic Tips

  • Memory usually fails because of an initial lack of focus, material was not learned in its context, and lack of motivation. Here are some useful tips to help your memory:
  • If you can teach something, you know it.
  • Use your study sessions as if you are going to teach the material. You will then come away with a solid understanding and improved memory of the material.
  • Effective listening in class involves hearing, processing, acknowledging, reacting and assimilating. These active "listening" and engaging in class will also help your memory.
  • Avoid marathon and/or last minute study sessions. Cramming is not conducive to memorization.
  • Break big tasks into small manageable tasks.
  • Study your difficult (or boring) subjects first, not at the end of the day when you are likely to be more exhausted.
  • Control test anxiety by exercising, taking deep breaths, and using relaxation techniques and positive thinking.


Academic Resources:

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Choice of Major/Career Resources:

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