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San Jose State University Research Foundation

The SJSU Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation established to enable and promote externally funded programs that further SJSU's comprehensive educational mission, impact and public benefit. Visit the SJSU Research Foundation website for more information.

Office of Research

The Office of Research supports the development of student and faculty research and ensures that research is conducted ethically and in compliance with relevant policies. 

Resources for Faculty and Student Research

San Jose State provides the tools researchers need to thrive. Our researchers contribute to their fields and have a positive impact on our local and global communities. Working with both graduate and undergraduate assistants, our researchers make the world a better place one experiment at a time. Some of our major programs include the Mineta Transportation InstituteMoss Landing Marine Labs and Human Factors Research at NASA.

Contributing to the Community

Every year, hundreds of local, state, and federal agencies, businesses and private foundations work with SJSU faculty members and specialists to perform basic and applied research, public service and community projects, consulting and other specialized educational activities. It's no wonder that San Jose State ranks among the top 200 schools nationwide for total research and development expenditures.

Opportunities for Undergrads

Research student working in labOn a typical day, molecular biology major Nikki Nguyen sets up her experiments in a cancer biology lab. Before removing her T-75 flask from the incubator, Nguyen sprays her bottles with 70 percent ethanol and then distributes the ethanol with Kimwipes. Sterilizing and working under a laminar flow hood ensures that the research team does not contaminate the spindle-shaped breast cancer cells within. They don't want to chance starting over.

Through the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute SCRIBe Undergraduate Research Program, a partnership between San Jose State's biology department and HHMI, Nguyen gets to engage in cutting-edge independent research in a molecular biology lab. At most large research universities, participation in faculty research is the domain of graduates students. At San Jose State, undergraduate students frequently work alongside their professors doing cutting-edge research.

Support for research

Opportunities abound to pursue an exciting array of basic and applied research. San Jose State offers comprehensive resources to support the research endeavors of our faculty and students. From identifying internal and external funding opportunities and preparing proposals to managing awards and complex compliance requirements, San Jose State provides the tools researchers need

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