Commission on Diversity

Message from the Co-Chairs

San Jose State has a long tradition of supporting and celebrating diversity and inclusiveness throughout our campus community. As co-Chairs for the President’s Commission on Diversity, we are honored and pleased to have the opportunity to lead the university’s efforts to expand and enrich this campus legacy. Academic Affairs and Student Affairs are partnering to lead this commission because we are committed to ensuring an environment of inclusiveness for all students, faculty and staff members as well as the broader community.

We are pleased to share that Dr. Kathleen Wong(Lau) has been appointed San Jose State’s first-ever chief diversity officer. She will lead the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

We are also pleased to continue our support of the African American Student Success Task Force and the Chicano/Latino Student Success Task Force. These efforts include students, faculty and staff who offer guidance on how we can provide resources and support to underrepresented minorities to achieve their educational goals. More importantly, these groups help us understand better ways to create a diverse and inclusive environment that makes all of our students feel welcome and connected to the campus community.

We want to acknowledge the groups that have done and continue to do excellent work to help meet our mission of creating a more diverse and inclusive community: the Campus Climate Committee, the Unity Council, the Faculty Diversity Committee, and numerous other student, faculty and staff organizations that contribute significantly to the campus and help our vibrant campus succeed.

We look forward to continuing our work with the broader campus community on this exciting opportunity. Please feel free to share your feedback or suggestions with us. 

Best regards,

Andy Feinstein
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Reginald Blaylock
Vice President for Student Affairs

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