How to meet the U.S. Constitution Requirements

California law requires that all teachers pass a course in the U.S. Constitution before being issued a credential. This requirement can be fulfilled by taking an approved college level course(s) or by passing an approved exam. Below is a list of courses that satisfy this requirement:

San Jose State University Courses



POLS 1 American Government                          
POLS 101 Political Instituions in the U.S.
HIST 171 Development of the U.S. Constitution
AFAM 2A or 2B Afro Americans/American History & Government
AAS 33A or 33B Asian American in U.S. History
HIST/POLS 15A or 15B U.S. History/Government
AMS 1A and 1B American Civilization
HUM 1AB and 2AB Western Culure & Society


Community College Courses



Cabrillo Pols 1 or 5                                                
City College of S.F. Pols 1
DeAnza College Hist 17A or Pols 1
Evergreen College Pols 1
Foothill College Pols 1 or 7
San Jose City College Pols 1
West Valley College Pols 1 or 1H


If you have taken a course at another institution that you believe satisfies the requirement but is not listed, please do the following:

Submit with the items below to Credential Services at or Sweeney Hall 106.

  1. Complete the U.S Constitution Verification Form.
  2. Course description and syllabus from the college where the course was taken. 
  3. Transcripts with passing grade for the class.

NOTE:  The Education Code states that the U.S Constitution requirement may be met by satisfactory completion of coursework covering the principles of the U.S Constitution. The CTC has deemed that coursework for this requirement must be met by the a grade of "C" or better or pass, credit, or satisfactory grade. The coursework may be an online course taken at a regionally accredited two or four-year college of university.

U.S. Constitution Exam Option

Notre Dame de Namur University U.S. Constitution Exam
650 508 3545