Business Plans

Business plans are a fiscal management and planning tool requested of all campus self-supporting operations that are dependent upon earning income. Each year, a call letter is distributed requesting that each program submits a business plan to highlight the financial position of the operations. The Business Plan should include three years of financial projections in support of long range financial and communicate significant changes in the program's operation from year-to-year. The 2019/20 Business Plan Call Letter is available here

Business Plans are required for the following programs:

  • Academic Affairs Division
    • Early Start Program
    • Graduate Orientation Program
    • Professional and Global Education (CPGE)
  • Administration & Finance
    • Capital Project Management Funds
    • Central Plant (Utilities) Operations 
    • Campus Copier Program
    • Distribution Services
    • FD&O Fee for service Program
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Funds
    • Parking Services
    • University Police Department (UPD) Other Trust Funds
  • Information Technology Division
    • Cost Recovery Funds (IT for Housing, IT Services for Non-CSUOP)
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Division
    • All Funds/Programs
  • Student Affairs Division
    • Frosh & Transfer Orientation Program
    • Student Health Center
    • University Housing Services
  • Joint Submission
    • Hammer Theatre