Moving Services for Furniture, Office Configuration, Relocation

When a department changes the way they do business, adds new employees, adds or changes job assignments, develops new functions within the department, or becomes part of a consolidation with another group, there is often a need for reconfiguration of the office layout.

This can be a simple project of reconfiguring the existing office layout or become more complicated with the purchase of different types and functions of office equipment and furniture.

It is important  for the department to include Contracts & Purchasing Services in the project-planning phase early on. The Furniture Buyer can make suggestions on reuse or reallocation of existing items, make suggestions about new purchases or used items, bring in professional space designers and installers for a project evaluation, and of course provide guidance on the necessary processes to complete the project.

The buyer often has knowledge of surplus furniture that might be available through the Campus Reuse Program. The department selections one contact point person to work wit both Contracts & Purchasing Services and FD&O on projects.

Working with FD&O

In addition to the contracted moving services vendor, FD&O has additional on-campus staff to provide moving services to campus departments. FD&O is responsible for providing on-campus moving services for the university. The FD&O Recycling Coordinator, Terry Ramirez, can answer questions about this service and the process.

After a department lead has coordinated with the buyer to determine the scope of work for a reconfiguration, an iService Request can be submitted to FD&O for moving services.

FD&O is required by State regulation to add a 'Permit Evaluation' process for all building and facility changes. If the infrastructure of a building or room needs to be upgraded or changed due to changes in use, FD&O will complete a review of the project and obtain the necessary permit. This permit process has been added to the renovation and project analysis and may increase the time for processing and the scope of work.

If the department has requested renovation or construction services, FD&O will take the lead on the refinement of the scope of work and will call the Furniture Buyer in as part of the team to continue to work with the end-users and departments.