San José State captures and reports its financial transactions based on ChartFields, which are PeopleSoft numbers used to designate where specific budget funds are located.

Chartfields contain a 6-digit Account number, a 5-digit Fund number, and a 4-digit Dept ID number. With more specific budget accounting, ChartFields will sometimes include optional program, class and project numbers.


The Account Chartfield is required and must contain 6 digits. The first digit for each account type is as follows:  for assets, 1; liabilities, 2; equities, 3; revenues, 5; and expenses, 6. For more information regarding Expense Account Codes, see Account Definitions.


The Fund Chartfield is required and must contain 5 digits. It segregates transactions for a specific funding source. For more information, see Fund Types.


The DeptID Chartfield is required and must contain 4 digits. It usually corresponds to a physical department identified in the PeopleSoft system.


The Program Chartfield is optional and must contain 3 digits. It is used to define on-going general activities which need to be tracked for reporting purposes or campus policy.


The Class ChartField is optional and must contain 4 digits. It is provided for any special cost reporting needs a campus department or other organizational unit may have that are not met by the other defined ChartFields.


The Project ChartField is used to identify a discrete set of activities that have a strict start and end date. It is also used to identify expense transactions that should be automatically invoiced to auxiliary organizations. It may have 5 to 11 alphanumeric characters.