ProCard Manual


ProCard is a U.S. Bank issued credit card that provides an easy and expeditious method for campus departments to procure a wide variety of low dollar items, office supplies, and limited services. 

Refer to the links below for complete ProCard guidelines or print the ProCard Manual (pdf)

General information

  • Ethics
  • Credit Card Controls
    • Maximum dollar amount per transaction
    • Maximum Dollar amount per monthly billing cycle
    • Merchants from whom purchases cannot be made
    • Exceptions
  • Fiscal Year End
  • Training

Using the Card

  • What Can Be Purchased with the Card
  • What Cannot be Purchased with the Card
  • Allowable Purchases with Restrictions
  • How to Make Purchases with your ProCard
  • Sales Receipt Requirements
  • Hospitality Expenses 


  • Cardholder 
  • Approving Official

Consequences for Failure to Comply with Program Policy and Procedures

Bank Statement Reconciliation

  • Late Statements/Missing Documentation
  • Purchasing Restricted Items

Bank Statement Reconciliation

  • Billing Cycle
  • Reconciliation by Cardholder
  • Reconciliation by Approving Official

Key Contacts