Reconciliation by Cardholder


Around the 25th of each month an email notice is sent to all cardholders from the ProCard Program Coordinator indicating that charges for the previous month are available for reconciliation. Each cardholder or their designee will reconcile their account per the instruction received during their ProCard Reconciliation training with Administrative Applications. Refer to the ProCard Reconciliation tutorialfor guidance on completing this task.

When reconciling the statement in CFS, Cardholder:

  • Verifies charges are accurate
  • Chartfields
    • Confirms expense is being charged to the correct Chartfields
    • If needed, modifies Chartfields
    • Can split an expense between two Chartfield strings
  • Verifies receipts support charges on the statement
  • Utilizes the Description field to add comments about the purchase or provide a justification to Accounts Payable

If an item is billed incorrectly or is questionable (e.g., purchases which the cardholder does not believe he/she made), the cardholder must contact US Bank within 14 days of statement date and:

  • Notify vendor that made the charge that the transaction is being disputed
  • Maintain an accounting of expected credits for disputed items,
  • Remember the chartfield string(s) original payment was made from, and
  • Ensure future charges do not appear on statement

Cardholder statements will be paid in full, including disputed items, to avoid late fees and penalties. It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to secure a reversal of charges (credit) from US Bank.

If a purchased item is defective, return the item to the merchant for replacement or credit. If the merchant refuses to replace the defective item and/or fails to issue a credit, the purchase will be considered in dispute and the Cardholder should contact US Bank.

Submit the signed and approved ProCard Adjustment Report, matching receipts, and any required justification to the ProCard Program Coordinator by the 10th of the following month.