How to Make Purchases With Your ProCard


Cardholders may use the ProCard to secure goods by either:

  • Picking up goods directly from merchant at merchant’s location
  • Telephoning, faxing, internet or mailing request to merchant, with goods shipped to the university

When ordering by telephone, fax, internet, or mail, it is the Cardholder’s responsibility to instruct the merchant to ship the goods to the following address:

                        San José State University
                        Attn: Cardholder’s Name & Department
                        129 South 10th Street
                        San Jose, CA 95192-xxxx (ordering department’s extended zip)


Emphasize that all information is to be included on the shipping label, especially the Cardholder’s name and department. Should goods arrive in the Distribution Services Department without the above information, Distribution Services personnel will be unable to identify where merchandise is to be delivered, resulting in goods being returned.