Using the Card


What Can Be Purchased With The Card

What Cannot Be Purchased With The Card

Allowable Purchases With Restrictions


What Can Be Purchased With the Card

Allowable purchases include most items that are acceptable via Petty Cash and Direct Pay as well as all Office Max orders. The following are examples of acceptable ProCard expenditures:

  • Books
  • Computer supplies/accessories (e.g., extended memory, mouse, keyboards, desktop printers, external hard drives, speakers)
  • Computer Monitors *
  • Equipment (refers to whole units or parts to build or used to run a unit)*
  • Food/Catering from Approved Caterer List or other Vendors *
  • Gifts *
  • Gold Point Cards *
  • Items from the Spartan Bookstore
  • Miscellaneous hardware supplies
  • Miscellaneous lab supplies
  • Software*
  • Testing forms/exams
  • Office supplies
  • Office Max and OfficeMax ImPress
  • CSU Chancellor’s Office, other CSU campus, or UC registration fees
  • Subscriptions
  • Stationary through Sierra Office Supply
  • Videos (in compliance with Section 508 and California Code 11135)

  Allowed with limited restrictions. Refer table below for details.


What Cannot Be Purchased With the Card

The following are examples of prohibited transactions. For a complete list, please see the Standard Exclusions list.

  • Chemicals or other hazardous substances (unless an MSDS is obtained with goods)
  • Custom promotional items with imprints
  • Engraving (trophies, plaques, awards)
  • Fans, heaters, air conditioners
  • Furniture
  • Household appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, etc.)
  • Items for personal use
  • Narcotics or ingested medication
  • Postage
  • Printing or other related services (unless vendor is OfficeMax ImPress)
  • Services (such as repairs and rentals)*
  • Travel expenses (use GoCard)

*    All rentals are restricted from the ProCard programs with the exception of regalia rentals from the SJSU Spartan Bookstore.

If you have a question on whether a particular item is allowed under the ProCard program, please contact the ProCard Program Coordinator in the Accounts Payable Office at 924-1569.


Allowable Purchases with Restrictions



Ad Services
  • $1,500 purchase limit
Computer Monitors
  • Up to three monitors can be purchased for a billing cycle
  • $5,000 purchase limit on unit or parts for a billing cycle
  • Cannot be related to ATI
Gifts (examples: flowers, cards, plaques)
  • $1,000 purchase limit
  • Cannot buy more than three software licenses in a billing cycle
  • Each license must be for a single user
  • Cannot be related to ATI