Sales Receipts Requirements


Regardless of the method used for obtaining goods, the Cardholder must obtain an itemized* receipt. When ordering, the Cardholder must advise the merchant verbally or on the written transmittal that an itemized receipt must be provided with the shipment or faxed to the Cardholder.

*   Itemized is defined as a description of goods secured, the quantity, the amount, tax and shipping charges (if applicable) and total. If the merchant’s receipt is not itemized (e.g., merely states miscellaneous supplies), the Cardholder must supply a written description to justify the purchase.

Should a receipt be lost, the Cardholder must attempt to obtain a duplicate copy from the merchant. If the Cardholder is unsuccessful in securing a copy, he/she must complete a Certification of Receipt of Goods form. If there are excessive instances of lost receipts, university ProCard privileges will be revoked.

Receipts are to be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office by the 10th of each month once the Cardholder and Approving Official have completed the reconciliation process. All receipts must be submitted to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and submitted along with the ProCard Adjustments Report.