The Property Office is responsible for tagging all equipment with a value of $5,000 or more.  The Property Coordinator will make arrangements with the custodian department to tag the item.  Department Property Custodians can use the Common Finance System AM Physical Inventory Tracking report  (CFS navigation:  Asset Management > Physical Inventory > CSU Phy Inventory Tracking) to keep track of their tagged equipment.  

The Property Office does not track equipment costing less than $5,000, but departments are expected to safeguard all equipment in their custody. 

Physical Inventories

The Property Office conducts inventories on a two-year cycle, notifying Department Property Custodians in advance of the inventory date.  On that date, the Property Coordinator or student assistant will scan electronically all tagged equipment they can find in the inventory location.   The custodian department must account within 10 business days for all equipment not found, either by locating the equipment or filling out a Property Survey Form (see the Stolen Property section if the equipment has been stolen).  Note:  Departments should not wait until the inventory to report dispositions of equipment.  Normally, departments should request approval from the Property Survey Board before disposition – see Disposition section.

When all equipment is accounted for, the Property Coordinator will run a query showing the results of the inventory and have it signed by the Department Property Custodian.  The signed report will be retained by the Property Office. 

Stolen Property

If property is stolen or lost, complete the Missing Equipment Report and forward to the University Police Department.  If the property is tagged equipment, forward a Property Survey Report and a copy of the Missing Equipment Report to the Property Office.  The UPD will investigate and fill out a police report regarding the loss.

Movement of Property

For the recycle, sale, or transfer to another department of property, please see the Disposition section.  For movement from building to building or room to room within a department, submit an iServiceDesk request to FD&O.

Taking Property Home for University Use

Removal of property may be authorized only after completing a Property Check Out Authorization form.  The Department Property Custodian must retain the signed form until the property is returned.  The property must be used for university-related purposes.