Been Admitted

Next Steps As An Admitted Freshman

If you have been admitted, congratulations! We are excited for you to begin your journey as a future Spartan.

Please read all admission messages and contents of your admission packet thoroughly and don't forget to check out our Deadlines page!

Steps to Enrollment

There are a number of steps you must complete to stay admitted. Please review these Steps to Enrollment to successfully enroll at SJSU.

Next Steps Intent to Enroll Process

You must complete all steps of the Next Steps Intent to Enroll process by the posted deadline. This page gives you a glimpse of what you will find in your Next Steps website.

Test Requirements

Learn about required tests or other tests that may be required for you to enroll in certain courses at SJSU.

Early Start

If you took the EPT or ELM and/or need to take a remedial course in math or English, you will be required to participate in Early Start. Early Start allows students to begin working towards college readiness in the summer prior to their freshman year.