Certificate in Geographic Information Science


The certificate program in Geographic Information Science provides undergraduate and graduate students in Geography, Urban Planning, and other disciplines the opportunity to develop expertise in the creation, manipulation, analysis, and display of geographic information. The program starts with a set of basic courses in geographic information technology. Students then select electives in consultation with an advisor to fill out the remainder of their program. They may also select either a cartography or a remote sensing specialization within the certificate program.

The certificate program is open to students currently enrolled in degree programs at San Jose State and to the general public through Open University. Students taking any of these technical courses as part of their undergraduate or graduate programs may also apply them to the certificate program.


Basic Courses - 9 units

  • GEOG 170 Introduction to Mapping and Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 171 Map and GIS Analysis
  • GEOG 175 GIS: Project Development

Electives - 9 units selected from:

  • GEOG 172 Cartography: Compilation and Presentation
  • GEOG 173 Cartography: Dynamic and Interactive
  • GEOG 181 Remote Sensing: Basic Theory and Image Interpretation
  • GEOG 182 Remote Sensing: Digital Analysis
  • GEOG 195 Spatial Analysis
  • GEOG 282 Advanced Geographic Techniques
  • GEOG 286 GIS: Project Management
  • GEOG 186 Field Study in Physical Geography
  • or GEOG 187 Field Study in Human and Historical Geography
  • URBP 179 Urban Geographic Information Systems
  • URBP 278 Geographic Information Systems Urban Applications


Registration Form (PDF)

Application for Certificate Award (PDF)