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Geology is the science of the Earth, and San José State University is optimally suited for the study of an extraordinarily broad spectrum of geological topics. If you enjoy the sciences, enjoy working outside (or in a lab, or with computers), or if you plan to teach, consider a career in geology. The SJSU Department of Geology can help you obtain an undergraduate major or minor, complete a Master's degree, or simply satisfy an SJSU General Education requirement.

The Department of Geology provides educational opportunities for the diverse community of San José State University students through general education courses, K-12 teacher training and professional development, a rigorous, integrated curriculum for majors pursuing Bachelor's degrees, and graduate courses and research. Courses in the major cover the broad field of geology to prepare students for work toward advanced degrees or employment in the profession. The M.S. program offers specialized courses and research culminating in a thesis, and prepares students for research in Ph. D. programs and for professional positions in the private and public sectors. In order to fulfill this mission, faculty members develop their expertise in diverse aspects of the evolving field of geosciences while providing students with comprehensive training in the entire discipline.

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