Payroll Services

Vasquez, Anita
Manager, Operations
(408) 924-2271
Lead, Payroll Services
(408) 924-1708
Sidhu, Amar
Senior Payroll Representative
(408) 924-1709
Payroll Representative
(408) 924-1710
Payroll Representative
(408) 924-1713
Payroll Representative
(408) 924-1707
Jones, Kevin
Payroll Representative
(408) 924-2281

Payroll is responsible for processing all documents associated with the issuance of pay for all full and part-time university employees. In addition, payroll maintains leave balances and processes monthly leave for all eligible university employees.

Our payroll representatives are responsible for specific departments and colleges on campus. Please refer to Your HR Representatives to determine whom to contact with payroll related questions.