The CSU plan with CalPERS is a defined benefit plan that calculates the retirement benefit using age at retirement, years of service credit and salary.

Eligibility for retirement from PERS is five (5) years of service and age 50.

Retirees may be eligible for medical and dental benefits for life for themselves and their spouse.

CalPERS allows employees to purchase additional service credit, such as military, maternity/paternity, or sabbatical, to increase the amount of their compensation at retirement.

Since January 1, 2009, eligible CSU retirees are able to enroll in the State group vision insurance plan at their own expense. Retirees may request enrollment within 60 days of their retirement, or during any open enrollment period. For more details, please see CSU Retiree Voluntary Vision Plan.


Tenure-track faculty are automatically enrolled in the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).

Lecturers who teach three consecutive semesters with a 0.5 (7.5 weighted teaching units) or greater appointment will be enrolled in the PERS system automatically during the third semester.

MPP, Confidential, Staff Employees

Membership is mandatory for those CSU employees employed full-time for a period of six months or part-time for a period of one year in duration.

For more information, visit CalPERS Retirement Plan.