Medical Coverage


You and your dependents will remain in the Basic medical plan until you and/or your dependents become eligible for Medicare.

You and your dependents need to certify your Medicare status with CalPERs when you each become eligible for Medicare and change from the Basic medical plan to a supplemental to Medicare or Managed Medicare plan.

Your cost for medical coverage will depend on which plan and the level of coverage you choose. See Health Benefits for details.

Changing Plans

You may change your medical plan and add or delete dependents by contacting  CalPERs at 1-888-225-7377 during the annual CalPERS Open Enrollment period or within 60 days of a qualifying status change.


Your family members can be covered under your retiree health benefits. Eligible dependents include spouse, domestic partner, children under age 26 and never married and disabled children over age 26. Certain restrictions apply.


If you are currently enrolled in FlexCash, you can enroll in a CalPERS retiree medical plan by requesting coverage within 30 days before or after your retirement date.

  • To enroll before your retirement date, refer to the Employee Support Services Directory and contact your Benefits Service Representative.
  • To enroll after your retirement date, contact CalPERs at 1-888-225-7377.
  • If you do not enroll within 30 days before or after your retirement date, you need to wait until the next annual CalPERS Open Enrollment period to enroll.