Having Trouble Enrolling In Calculus?

There are a number of reasons why students trying to enroll in Calculus class may receive errors like: "Unable to add this class - requisites have not been met." or "Department Consent Required." Please try all of the following solutions before contacting the Math Department.

1. Check that the sections of both the class and the workshop are Non-Reserved Sections

2. Math 19, 30P, 30, 31 & 71 all  have required co-requisite workshops. There might be an issue with the workshop you are trying to add

Limited-Edition Upper Division and Graduate Math Courses

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Professor Goldston wins 2014 AMS Cole Prize in Number Theory

Congratulations to Dan Goldston who, along with three other researchers in Number Theory, has won the 2014 AMS Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory. All four winners have done research associated with the gaps between prime numbers related to the Twin Prime Conjecture which states that there are an infinite number of pairs of primes separated by only two (such as 11 and 13). One of the four winners proved that there are infinitely many pairs of primes that are at most 70 million apart. This seems to be a very active area of research right now and another researcher has recently submitted a result which evidently shows that there are infinitely many primes not more than 600 apart. Many other number theorists around the world are now working feverishly to use these new techniques to reduce the bound as low as possible. More details about this research can be found in the Quanta Magazine article, "Together and Alone, Closing the Prime Gap"

Highly Rated Math and Statistics Careers

Mathematics and Statistics careers receive the highest rankings in 2014.  According to the Careercast web sitecareers related to Mathematics and Statistics are among the most highly rated.  The #1 ranked career is Mathematician, the #3 ranked career is Statistician, and the #4 ranked career is Actuary.  For those interested in teaching mathematics, statistics, and other subjects at the university level (tenured) university professor is the #2 ranked career.  Math can be interesting, fun, and might lead to an interesting and highly paid career as well.  

Repeating a lower division Math Class more than twice

At the request of colleagues in Physics and Engineering, the Math Department voted on a new policy for students registering in a lower division math course for the third (or more) time. There is a special form entitled Repeating a Course for More Than Two Times Petition(pdf) which the instructor must sign for the student to be allowed to register in a course for the third (or more) time.  The Math Department is now asking their instructors teaching lower division math courses during the regular school year not sign such forms and let students know that they are only allowed to take a course for the third time during the summer where they pay the full cost and they are less likely to be taking up a space from a student who is taking the course for the first time.