Tenure-track Positions Opening

Two tenure-track positions are opening for 2017. See tenure-track position for details.


Math majors can take Engr 100W to satisfy their writing requirement. Students must submit an Add Request form after their registration appointment date. Add requests submitted before a student's enrollment date will NOT be processed.

Student can request to be added to any open section of Engr 100W, but enrollment may be delayed and sections might fill if the Add Request Form is not filled out completely.

ENGR 100W Add Request Form

Math 30PL

Math 30PL covers the same material as Math 30P. It is taught in a large lecture format with small lab sections. 

The main benefit of taking Math 30PL instead of Math 30P/30W is that all the students in Math 30PL are in the same lecture. Because of that, the curriculum of the workshop correlates more closely with the curriculum of the lecture. Math 30W sections, however, consist of students from multiple sections of Math 30 & Math 30P. The only reason to choose Math 30P over Math 30PL is if a student is at their unit cap and has to Opt-Out of the co-requisite workshop, Math 30W.

In the past, Math 30PL has had a 20% higher pass rate than Math 30P.

Students who pass Math 30PL are eligible to enroll in Math 31.

The Math 30PL lecture meets at MWF from 12:00 pm - 1:20 pm in WSQ 109.

Having Trouble Enrolling In Calculus?

There are a number of reasons why students trying to enroll in Calculus class may receive errors like: "Unable to add this class - requisites have not been met." The Calculus Enrollment page covers most issues that students have with enrollment. Please consult that page and if you are still having issues, contact the Department Office.

The most common issues are:

  • Not adding the co-requisite workshop
  • The 1-unit workshop putting you over your unit cap
  • Trying to add a section that is not open (closed and waitlisted courses won't work)
  • Adding a Restricted section--you have to pick a non-restricted section

Calculus Placement Exam

Students who need to take the Calculus Placement Exam to meet the prerequisite for Math 30, 30P, 30PL and Math 71 can register starting the beginning of January. Students who already meet the prerequisites do not need to take the placement exam. Students who do not already meet the prerequisites will not be able to enroll in their Calculus I class until they have taken the placement exam.

Calculus Placement Exams will be offered in January before classes begin. Please check the Calculus page for more information and dates. Calculus Placement Exam dates will be posted late December.

Repeating a lower division Math Class more than twice

At the request of colleagues in Physics and Engineering, the Math Department voted on a new policy for students registering in a lower division math course for the third (or more) time. There is a special form entitled Repeating a Course for More Than Two Times Petition(pdf) which the instructor must sign for the student to be allowed to register in a course for the third (or more) time.  The Math Department is now asking their instructors teaching lower division math courses during the regular school year not sign such forms and let students know that they are only allowed to take a course for the third time during the summer where they pay the full cost and they are less likely to be taking up a space from a student who is taking the course for the first time.

Math Club

The Math Club meets every Thursday afternoon at 3 in Duncan Hall 280. DH 280 is also a room where students can hang out in their spare time and meet other students and Math Club members informally.