July 9, 2019

Inspiring, joyous, moving—those are the words that come to mind as I reflect on our seven commencement ceremonies and nearly 7,000 new graduates. In the video above, see some of them discussing how they will have a positive impact on society and how they will become the next generation of "superheroes" and leaders. Well done, graduates!


What a busy but productive summer it has been thus far. My recent travel schedule has led to a brief pause in my blogging schedule, but I am looking forward to a full resumption as we approach next month’s Fall Welcome and the start of the new academic season.

In my unofficial role as “chief brand ambassador” for SJSU this summer, I have represented the university at several gatherings these past few weeks. Though very different in terms of the participants and topics, each of these meetings has been enlightening and instructive. One consistent takeaway for me, however, was the reminder about the civic responsibility we leaders of higher education institutions carry with our communities.

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