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Your Role In Accessibility

Everyone has a role to play in influencing the use and adoption of digital accessibility at San José State University. If we don't work together to make our digital resources accessible, countless students will be unable to access the education and tools they need to learn and thrive. See how you can help create an inclusive digital experience for all students.


Understand the ways you can make your lessons and materials easily accessible to all your students.

See How Faculty Can Help

Staff, Employees, Deans and Managers

Educate yourself and your team on ways to build a more accessible and inclusive community.

Learn About Your Role In Accessibility


Not sure what counts as a disability? Confused about the role you have to play in making your community more accessible? We have the answers to your questions.

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Vendors and Contractors

Whether you are a vendor or contractor, or are planning on hiring one, it's vital to understand how to build a more accessible digital experience.

Discover Resources For Vendors and Contractors

Webmasters and Web Content Editors

Webmasters and web content editors have the most direct impact on the digital accessibility of our websites. See what our standards are and how our templates are designed to be accessible, plus other vital information on inclusivity.

Learn About Templates and Standards For The Web