I Am an Employee Who Needs an Accommodation

student with laptop and medium size dog

The Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC) is SJSU's program for determining and prescribing employment accommodations based on a verified disability.

The EARC determines reasonable and appropriate employment accommodations for qualified SJSU employees with verified disabilities on a case-by-case basis.  An employee with a disability is entitled to an accommodation only when the accommodation is needed because of the disability. Possible accommodations include:

  • Job restructuring;
  • Modified work schedule;
  • Acquisition or modification of equipment or devices;
  • Adjustment or modifications of examinations, training materials or policies;
  • Qualified reader, interpreter, or captioning services;
  • Removal of physical access barriers; and/or
  • Other similar accommodations for individuals with disabilities

You can reach the EARC as follows:

Web: https://www.sjsu.edu/earc/
Email: employee-accommodations@sjsu.edu
Phone: 408-924-6003