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Chunhui Peng, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of World Languages and Literatures
Office: Clark Hall 418M
Tel: 408-924-4615


Asian Studies at San Jose Staté University has various centers and programs. The Center for Asian Studies was founded in 1974 to further the development of opportunities to study Asia (South, Central, Southeast, and East) at SJSU.  Soon afterwards, an Asian Studies Minor Program was established. At this same time, a federally funded media service was developed, called the East Asian Regional Materials and Resources Center (EARMARC). Other notable programs established over the years include the Major and Minor Programs in the Chinese and Japanese languages.

A Humanities B.A. Asian Studies Concentration is offered with courses related to Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese humanities.  It requires 22 units of core courses in Humanities, 18 units of electives spread over three areas: the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.  A year of foreign language related to the concentration is also required in support of the major.

The interdepartmental minor in Asian Studies permits students to concentrate their course work in one of the following areas: General Asian Studies, East Asia, South Asia, or South- east Asia. For each geographic area, students will study the cultural background, social sciences, and language of the chosen area. The Asian Studies minor is designed to acquaint students with the histories, traditional cultures, and contemporary conditions of Asian countries and societies.